Pooja Patel

Hi folks, my name is Pooja Patel. Most of us have different ways of finding peace in the chaos. Some of us like to go for a walk, some like to listen to music and many other things. Art is my way to find peace or you can say drawing things out keeps me calm and patient amongst the chaos. I started drawing mandalas 3 years ago, when I came across a page on Instagram. It fascinated me, the intricate designs, the colors used and the beauty of it. I started practicing it, from the basics to the advanced. From then, till now it has been a great journey, and I've loved every part of it. This pandemic has given us all a chance to reconnect to our hobbies or develop new one. Hence, here I am, to proudly share my experience and knowledge about the mandalas with all of you and guide you to make a design of your own.

Basic Mandala Techniques with Pooja

05/07/2020 5:00 pm

Customer Reviews

Very Satisfied

It was a great session. It was fun. The instructor was really good And talented. She was very clear with the instructions.

- Sakshi Sharma


Technical issues with instructor's screen and could share more about mandalas.


Very Satisfied

Great workshop! Video could have been clearer, was slightly blurry.


Very Satisfied

It was really good like how she covered from the basics to the end and she was really creative. Her designs really good.

- Gayatri

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