Sakshamjeet Singh

Hi, I'm Sakshamjeet Singh. I am passionate about painting and art, psychology and working out. An interesting combination of unusual pairing as people say, and I study mechanical engineering. Also I've been an artist all my life. As a child, I often questioned myself "why people act differently" "what are they thinking" "how're they feeling" "what is making them act like they are". To understand better I started to research and study about human nature and behaviour, and how our subconscious mind is affected, how does it work. After 5+ years of studying human nature, and painting, I drew an interesting relation between how deeply colours affect us. This depth and relation of colours with the subconscious mind is way deeper than one may think or even realise. Each colour has its connotation and it's importance in our lives, each colour affects us in a different way. It holds the power to mold your character over time. I've worked with different mediums along the way.

Expressing Emotions With Colours

02/02/2020 12:00 am
New Delhi

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