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This is K.DheebaSuresh from hkcrafthouse, a self taught freelance artist and most importantly a Happy mom of a naughty toddler from Tamilnadu. Art and craft has been a part of my life since from childhood and that urged me to try an awesome craft called Navadhanya Vinayagar which was made out of 9 auspicious grains. That way i had a chance to explore lot of art forms where in i fell in love with the most Mediative Art forms (mandala, zentangle, doodle). And thats where my art journey got so much intensive. I love learning and creating something new daily and would love to transfer the knowledge i gained to others happily!!

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Mandala Art with Dheeba

2020/07/19 4:00 pm

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Bookmarks and Meditative Art with Dheeba

Fabulous workshop. Really enjoyed. Informative and very interesting.

- Deepa Sankaranarayanan

Mandala Art with Dheeba

Good learning experience.. only one suggestion.. the camera needs to be clear as this is an intricate art form

- Rupali Salvi

Mandala Art with Dheeba

As we understand that the time for art work was less, still felt that few queries were not properly addressed.. Overall the workshop was fabulous..

- Anonymous

Mandala Art with Dheeba

Good session.

- Preeti Shetty

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